What Stick Hockey Table Should You Purchase?

As a hockey fan or player you are probably looking for an apposite stick hockey table to give you a thrill, equal to the one at the field, while at home or in your hostel. This is a prospect that can only be fruitful if you know what to look for in your hockey table.

They come in different shapes and colors among other features so you really have to be careful while making your selection.

Ideal Stick hockey table for indoor games

Deciding to buy a stick-hockey table as opposed to an air hockey table is an excellent choice in itself because of the hand action involved. Pushing the sticks back and forth and side to side feels almost like using the actual hockey sticks on the ice-field. The air hockey tables are actually more appropriate for kids.

Any hockey enthusiasts will tell you on stick hockey tables reviews that the tables give the best indoors hockey experience.

What you should check out if you want to buy the right stick hockey table

The best stick hockey table doesn’t come with picking any available or cheap table; you must look at several features before selecting the best one

What is the size once assembled?  You are going to play the game while standing so you need to find out whether the length, width and height are comfortable or not. Ideally 45 inches by 35 inches by 45 inches will do but you can go a few inches above or below. The size of the tables matters especially so because it could have adverse health effects on your back if you have to keep bending to use it.

Does it have an automatic scoring unit? You need an automatic scoring system to avoid conflicts with opponents and also to ensure scoring rules are kept while playing. It would also be nice if the scoring system helped you celebrate victories, like in football video games.

How many pucks does it come with? Pucks are really small and easily get lost if not carefully kept, especially with children in the house. You need to buy a table that comes with several pucks so that you are not forced to keep buying new ones; three or more pucks would do.

How durable is the table? The tables can be as expensive as over $ 1,000 and if you are going to spend that kind of money on anything you better ensure it is durable. The table should be scratch resistant and have the most break resistant plastic dome. The feet should also stand without any risks of breaking; steel feet would be ideal.

How fast and heated is the play? You are buying the stick hockey table to enjoy your game of hockey so this should actually be one of the first things you look at. Different manufacturers enhance the game speed by including different additional features like ultra-smooth rods and hollow-steel men.

Take the best offer available

Stick hockey tables are not as cheap as any other item on the games market so taking a survey is a must if you want the very best at affordable prices. One thing you need to know is that there are different manufacturers always competing for customers so occasionally they have specials and discounts, look out for them especially at different seasons. Another way of ensuring you get an affordable table is by checking different selling sites online, like amazon and eBay. There you can always find an affordable offer and a chance to bargain at times.













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