Carrom 415 Super Hockey Table Review

Black melamine associated with a plastic dome in shatter-proof polypropylene shows just what technology is capable of achieving. Put these together and the Carrom 415.00 Super Stick Hockey Table is the result. The cabinet, supporting the playing surface, has been manufactured from a composite material for additional strength, enhanced by thermally-compressed layers: this is an extremely sturdy cabinet. The laminate finish, in matte black melamine, provides the outer layer, intended to provide an attractive cover to the underlying composite.

Carrom 415 Super Stick Hockey Table

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This composite material is intended to provide the strength, and the layer presented to the viewer’s eye – the attractive melamine presenting the sophisticated matte black appearance that ensures the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table won’t look out of place in the most elegant of living rooms. The PETG dome fitted to the playing surface is manufactured from clear, transparent plastic which has the benefit of shatter-proof technology. Each one of the players suspended above the playing surface has been hand-painted in their team colors, attached to fiber-glass rods responsible for moving each of these figures.

Air hockey tables come in a wide range of qualities, some aimed at the professional market but others specifically manufactured for use within a home setting. Carrom, with more than a century of expertise in the manufacture of games tables, is one of the foremost manufacturers who specialize in making air hockey tables for the residential market. With the heavy duty miterfold vinyl legs and the compressed hardwood cabinet body to support the playing field, the Table is a heavy-duty table capable of withstanding the onslaught of frenetic play from all ages of players. That said, however, the manufacturers recommend that the hockey table is suitable for players of 13 years of age and older.

Another feature includes the chrome leg levelers that ensure your new table remains level, no matter whether the ground it has been set up on is uneven or whether you have placed it on deep pile carpet in the living room. As the quality of Carrom air hockey tables differ greatly, so does the prices. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price of $940.00. However, go online and visit the Amazon website and you can get yourself a really good deal as, at the moment, Amazon are offering it for sale at $720.13, providing you with a 23% saving on the original list price.

It does need some minor assembly when you take delivery of it: two adults would certainly make the  job easier, although the job is not particularly fiddly. All you need to do is to bolt the legs into place on the underside of the playing cabinet and make the necessary adjustments to the fee levelers, clip the drink holders into place, and attach the battery-operated scoring unit. However, bearing in mind that the Carrom 415.00 Super Stick Hockey Table weighs 140lbs and measures 58 x 47 x 45.25 inches, it would clearly be more maneuverable with two adults rather than one.
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