Carrom 425.01 Signature Table Review

If you are looking for an attractive air hockey table that has been specifically designed for in-house use in the average residential home then you need look no further than the sleek and sophisticated lines of the Carrom Signature Hockey Table. This air hockey table features a matte black pedestal base, designed from polypropylene to be particularly stable when in use, sleekly curved to present an aesthetic appeal to grace any home environment. The cabinet that supports the playing surface has been created in a contrasting red, with matte black corners to match the pedestal base.

Carrom 425.01 Signature Stick Hockey Table

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It measures 45.25 inches wide, by 51 inches long and 33.75 inches deep, weighing a total of 165lbs. If you take into account the fiberglass rods, an additional 12.75 inches needs to be added to the width as well as an extra 20lbs in weight. This takes the width of the table to 58 inches. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price to buy it is $1,650.00. However, you can buy this online, at Amazon, for $1,199.99.

This table is noted as offering players a game where passing and shooting is smooth and fast. This is partly due to the thick styrene surface onto which the graphics have been custom-coated. The resilience of the styrene is due to its unique and patented manufacture, from polyolefin foam sheet that has been chemically-blown, after which a layer of adhesive has been applied. These two layers are then attached to a scrim sheet and the whole sandwich soaked in a stabilizing agent. The final process is to tightly laminate these layers together through heavy compression under heat.

The end result is an extremely durable and pliable styrene surface that remains perfectly flat and strong, not affected by moisture or any other changes in the atmosphere. Furthermore, this playing surface is extremely lightweight and encourages very fast and accurate play. The Carrom Signature is covered by a transparent shatter-resistant plastic dome. When you take delivery of your table you will need to arrange basic assembly. Basically, this means attaching the playing surface cabinet to the polypropylene pedestal base as well as attaching the battery-operated scoring unit.

This battery-operated scoring unit incorporates a bulb that lights up when goals are scored; the scoring unit also emits sounds of cheering. The periods of play are tracked and, if you leave the game for more than three minutes, the scoring unit will shut down automatically. You can interrupt the scoring record at any time and reset it, or turn it back on when play resumes. Another of the benefits you can expect from the table involves the gears that move the players around, controlled by yourself through the use of the rods.

Each one of these rods has been factory-assembled, attached to a gear mechanism. Each of the gears has been injection-molded, developed with great precision, and attached to slip clutches whose internal mechanism reduced any incidence of shearing or binding of the gears that might otherwise occur during excitable and rambunctious play. Playing air hockey is one of the faster of all the table games and, even in the hands of a range of age groups in the home, the Carrom 425.01 Signature Stick Hockey Table is a resilient and tough games’ table that will stand any amount of rough handling.
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