Carrom 435.00 Signature Table Review

When it comes to fun for all the family – not to mention durability which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with any product produced for progeny to play with, the Carrom 435.00 Signature Table has it all. Apart from the fun factor, and its sturdy manufacture, it is a very attractive games table that any family would be happy to give house-room to. Furthermore, when it comes to cost, if you factor in the table’s durability, this item represents quite good value for money. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is $1050.00.

Carrom 435.00 Signature Stick Hockey Table

List Price: $1,300.00
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However, a quick look at Amazon and you will notice that the price the table is being offered for at the present time provides you with a good saving – saving you a substantial $251.00! If you were to buy it today on Amazon, you could become the proud owner for $799.00. Many of Amazon’s customers are eligible for the free delivery option which, if you are eligible, considering the weight of the Table, also represents excellent value.

On delivery you will have some very minor assembly to do prior to use but this assembly really is negligible although two adults are really needed – it takes no more than half an hour to bolt on the legs and ensure all the legs have been suitably adjusted for the playing surface to be steady and not sloping at even the most minute angle. Once you have got the table upright you will notice how eye-catching this mid-range air hockey table is, and how sturdy the construction. Despite this sturdy construction, the table is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver into other positions, or drag to one side if you need to clean beneath its feet.

If you want smooth and fast play from a games table manufactured solely for the family home market then this table is exactly what you need. The transparent shatter-proof plastic dome has been factory-sealed to the white melamine edges of the cabinet. The players and puck inside the dome are beautifully hand-painted while the marked-out playing surface has been carefully set out and marked with screen-printed graphics, applied to a very high standard to give an authentic appearance.

The rods are manufactured from fiberglass, resulting in lightweight strength. These are attached to integral gears which are then fitted to an internal system of levers that have been designed to enable the gears to glide over each other without binding or grinding, no matter how intense or fraught the play might get. It comes with an integrated scoring unit that keeps a tally of all goals scored and, as each goal is achieved the unit lights up as well as emitting sounds of ‘crowd approval’.

Furthermore, you can reset the scoring unit, shut it down and completely reset it and, if you leave the games table for more than about three minutes, the whole scoring unit will shut down as it assumes that the game is over for that time. As a company, Carrom who are the manufactures, specifically design this particular range of air hockey tables to fill the requirements of residential customers for a sturdy games table that is suitable for fitting into modern homes and, in the Carrom 435.00 Signature Table the manufacturers have certainly fulfilled that specification.
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