Carrom Super Table Review

The Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table features an environmentally friendly playing surface which is not only extremely strong, but highly pliable and difficult to break. This playing surface, known as masonite, is also extremely cheap to produce and is considered ideal for use in games’ tables that have been designed for the use by family members of different ages. Additional strength is ensured by supported brackets beneath the tempered masonite playing surface.

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When assembled, the hockey table measures 45 inches by 33.75 inches by 47 inches, providing you with quite an extensive playing surface for an indoor air hockey table intended for use within a family setting – although it is not intended for use by children below the age of 13 years. The Table is intended for use by two people, having been designed with two sets of pucks and corresponding players, each of which has been hand-painted in colors to represent different teams.

An integral scoring unit has been incorporated into the design of the table which lights up and emits a sound when either player scores a goal. An additional feature allows you to reset this scoring unit at any time and, in the event of it not being used for more than a couple of minutes, the scoring unit has the facility to automatically shut itself down – meaning, of course, that you will have to reset it once your game resumes. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the table is $830.40 – not a particularly cheap option for family use within the home. You can take advantage of a reasonable saving if you go online and purchase it from Amazon whose current list price for this item is $727.00.

Furthermore, it is well-made and is considered a good quality product, incorporating some of the environmentally-friendly concepts into its manufacture, as well as using technology to produce an excellent games table. The hockey table has been designed along traditional cabinet-like design, standing on black vinyl legs that are sturdy miterfold for enhanced durability, set within legboots that can be altered to ensure the games table can be accurately leveled in an easy motion to cope with floors that might be uneven.

The cabinet into which the playing surface is suspended consists of heavy duty melamine, featuring additional thickness to the banding around the perimeter of the cabinet. This melamine is made from resistant marble wear, thermal-fused to ensure this resistant coating is absolute, in an attractive matte black finish. The cabinet of the Table has been covered by a shatter-resistant transparent plastic dome, factory-assembled to ensure a complete seal has been achieved. The only parts that need to be assembled when you take delivery of the table are the legs and the electronic scoring unit.

Also factory-assembled are the fiber-glass rods used to manipulate the players. These rods, each of which are injection molded with ultimate precision, are extremely resilient to rough and aggressive play, made to withstand the most rambunctious of handling due to the integral gear mechanism that operates an internal slip clutch that not only prevents the gears from shearing and binding but also ensures that the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table will be good to use for a very long time.
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