Shelti Blue Line SlapShot Dome Hockey Table Review

The Shelti Blue Line SlapShot Dome Hockey Table, weighing 230lbs, is another product from the manufacturer known as Shelti who have been making tables specifically for games for around 50 years. The manufacturer’s list price is $2,119.39 – not cheap, but you do get a number of contemporary features that make this product excellent value for the price you pay. Furthermore, if you decide to buy it online, at Amazon, you can expect to pay $1,499.00, saving yourself as much as 29% on the full recommended retail price.

List Price: $2,119.39
Sale Price: $1,499.00
You save: $620.39 (29%)
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Contemporary understanding of materials that are highly lubricant ensures an extended lifetime of the hockey table by reducing wear through friction while, at the same time, ensuring that the nylon bushings and the rods offer optimal performance when in use. Shelti continue the theme of extending the life of the table with the quality of the graphics which have been screen printed onto the playing field, with a laminate applied through high-pressure, finished off with clear coats of polyurethane for additional protective cover.

The playing surface consists of a brushed aluminum finish which makes an attractive finish to the playing surface of the table. Two beams of integrated aluminum extrusions have been constructed between each of the chrome-plated rods and above each of the player gear boxes to provide support on all side of the cabinet as well as across the entire playing field, enhancing the degree of durability of the table. Nevertheless, the pedestal which takes the place of legs, is constructed in two separate pieces to ensure ease of movement: these two parts need to be assembled once you have decided where you intend to put your new hockey table. Once the pedestal is assembled you have a set of 4 levelers that enable the ‘legs’ to be adjusted to within 1 inch.

When assembled the table measures 52 inches long by 36 inches wide and 513/4 inches high. The height of the cabinet apron is 41/2 inches and the height of the dome is 131/4 inches. Each one of the chrome-plated rods have been finished in an extra smooth, hollow-ground steel, each of which features a thickness gauge of 0.120 inches in the wall, lined with nylon bushings to reduce friction. The gear box of the table provides a turning ratio of 2:1 which ensures that, for each 180 degree turn of the handle, your mechanical player on the field will have the capacity to turn a full 360 degrees. Furthermore, when the opposing players are activated, the gears take a neutral stance which is intended to reduce friction when player-player force is exerted. This gear box is unique to Sheltie and one that will certainly prolong the life of your Shelti Blue Line SlapShot Dome Hockey Table.
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