Shelti Slapshot Review

The Shelti Stick Hockey Table Slapshot is an ideal choice for those who wish to transform their house into an entertainment venue for friends and family. It is a fun table that promises endless hours of amusement and fun.

The hockey table was first introduced back in late 80s, celebrating the end of the Cold War and the adversary between the USA and the Soviet Union. The game is now brought into any home or business ensuring hours and hours of multi player amusement. It is a game that follows the simple rules of hockey, with the hockey players trying to score and win the game, beating the opponent. It comes fully packed with timers, electronic scoreboards and interactive sounds that make the entire game feel and sound more realistic and fun.

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The table comes with a 2:1 turn ratio aiming at lively play and quicker player response. The players can turn the in game hockey players 360 with only a flick of the wrist. The rods are very smooth and are chrome plated, combined with nylon bushings that offers a rather minimal friction. It also stands out due to its on ice graphics, which are screened into high pressure laminate. The electronic unit for scoring is mounted on the side and produces sounds when goals are scored. The game includes different options, such as 5,10 and 15 minute games; you can also choose to play till you score 5,7 or 10 goals, or you can simply choose the unlimited free play option for ultimate fun.

This great table is created by Shelti Inc which is one of the pioneers in home amusement tables; it comes as no surprise that this table is also considered a premium product, since it is created following the durability and quality standards of the mother company. The slapshot is slightly different compared to other models of the same company because it does not have the automatic puck ejector, so you need to drop the puck from the dome into the main playing area.

The table includes four leg levelers, assuring level play surface adjustable to one inch and split molded base that facilitates installation even through a tight space. It is an excellent choice for those who wish to play with friends and family at home and it comes at a rather affordable price for its size and functions. It is a very popular model which features a sleek look, fitting in any play room in your house. The dome hockey tables have been quite popular and successful these last 25 years, since they are durable, of good quality and offering the chance for playing and having fun as a group activity.

It never cost so little to play hockey with your friends; it never felt so warm either! The Shelti Slapshot Stick Hockey Table is a great amusement table to gift yourself and your family if you enjoy playing and having fun with hockey games.
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